Personal & Process Safety Program  We consider no aspect of our operation more important than the health and safety of the students, volunteers and visitors. This is achieved by maintaining safe and healthy working conditions and by fostering a culture focused on awareness, open communication, safety education and supervision, and safe working methods. Our goal is to have zero work-related injuries and illnesses.

Safety is the responsibility of every person, and everyone participates in activities to ensure a safe work environment. The Managing Director and Woodworking Lab Leader are responsible for leadership of the overall safety effort and for providing all resources which are necessary for an effective program of accident prevention.

Maintaining a safe work environment is a top priority of every person. A clean and organized workplace is a safe workplace and must be a personal goal of every person.

Each program team lead is responsible for maintaining safe work conditions within their areas and for ensuring that all operations are carried out with the utmost regard for safety. This includes conducting safety briefings before the start of every class. The discussion is to include a safe work assessment between all parties in the group. Specific hazards should be identified and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment selected.

Each person is responsible for consistently following all established safety procedures, for promptly reporting potential hazards, and for fostering a proactive culture focused on the safe and responsible use of Father’s House Kids Training Center facility.   “Be Your Brother’s Keeper”