Historic & Cultural Preservation Program  New Orleans is a nationally recognized city for its efforts at historically preserving and maintaining its cultural history and infrastructure. Preservation efforts have been supported by the number of skilled artisans who are capable of creating, installing and maintaining the architectural elements such as wrought iron, woodwork, and construction elements consistent with the history of the building they are working on. However, as these skilled workers age out of their professions there are not enough apprentices or young people to replace them in these skilled areas. As these artisans pass on, preservation efforts to maintain the historic integrity of these structures will be challenged. As early as 1997, the National Trust for Historic Preservation identified that these trades would become scarce and that maintaining historic structures could be problematic.

Our solution:

Father’s House Kids/Youth Restoration Inc. (FHK/YRI) seeks to solve this problem in two ways: one is by initiating interest in these skilled trades by exposing the younger children to the prerequisites for becoming a tradesmen (Mechanic) and studying the History of the Creole Craftsmen who built the beautiful architecture and spacious of the pre and post antebellum mansions and unique shotgun homes.

The other is working with opportunity youth between the ages of 14-25 to provide a pathway for full-time employment and remove some of the barriers to escaping poverty. This organization provides an opportunity for them to participate in activities geared towards improving their potential of leading successful lives. FHK/YRI improves the overall physical, emotional and behavioral health of its participants while helping them gain life skills, discipline, character, and practical education that are all necessary to successfully enter today’s work force in the fields necessary to preserve the historic architecture and buildings of New Orleans.

This program is a major focus of Father’s House Kids because of the uniqueness of New Orleans,multi-culturalism and many forms of architecture.