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Building Their Future Success through the Career Corps Program

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Career Corps
The guys on a visit to a job site

Career Corps is an outstanding program that has changed the young men’s lives. Work is one of the main building blocks for having a good quality of life.

Young men between the ages of thirteen and eighteen are taught the value of hard work and are introduced to critical thinking and the importance of building on subjects taught in school. There is a special focus on the core subjects known as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Youth are taught critical thinking as instructors integrate specific skills with science, technology and math. The approach is to teach them about a specific piece of equipment then discuss the academic skill that go into developing the equipment. For example, when teaching about four stroke engines we discuss combustion (gas laws, thermal energy) converting reciprocating motion into rotary motion, machinery lubrication, friction and heat transfer. The program is directed by a semi-retired 40+ year engineer. Instructors include teachers, general contractors, plumbers, electricians and engineers of various disciplines. Learning modules include:

Be an Engineer – ExxonMobil/CNN
Practical math and physics
How things work, such as appliances, automobiles, HVAC, pumps etc.
Basic electricity
Simple machines
Two and four stroke cycle engines
Hand and power tools
Auto care
Lawn care and landscaping
Personal and process safety and Hazard recognition
Process technology

Students visit engineering firms, electrical companies, industrial companies, plumbing contractors, and construction sites where training in the various disciplines is conducted by experts. Professional connections between the boys and their potential future employers are made. Apprenticeships in the trades are available to the older boys who meet specific criteria.

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Tutoring is provided free of charge by various professionals. Dedicated and caring teachers and engineers volunteer their time to tutor the boys in various subjects.

Our David’s Den classroom is a beautiful space with a quiet environment that is conducive to concentration. Father’s House Kids is an organization that strives to help each boy succeed in their education.

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our basketball team

Warrior basketball is an activity that teaches the young men teamwork, leadership, and strategies for success. It also provides an opportunity for growth in physical fitness. The target group is average boys, not super athletes, and the children are grouped by age, physical skills, and ability. This ensures they can gain confidence, learn discipline and discover the advantages of teamwork. The better athletes play for their schools and AAU ball. They can still attend training.

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Summer Camp

Each year, the boys have the opportunity to enroll in our exciting month-long summer camp program free of charge. Activities include swimming, games, and basketball skills. The boys also have opportunities to grow in character through participation in creative, problem solving skits and arts and crafts. Meals, snacks and bus service are also provided.