basketball - one of our activities

The Need is There

Percentages of our participants who have experienced life situations that put them in the category of socio-economically disadvantaged and at high risk:

Government Assistance: 100%

Participate in Free and Reduced Lunch Programs at School: 100%

Do Not Have Consistent Access to Food at Home: 35%

Have Been Homeless: 6%

Have Absent Fathers: 85%

Have Illicit Drug Use in Home: 58%

Have Family Members Involved in Criminal Activities: 37%

Have Witnessed Criminal Behavior: 80%

Have Witnessed Someone Die: 15%

Have Family/Friends Dead or in Jail: 65%

Mission Statement

Father’s House Kids (FHK) is a life-changing resource for six to eighteen-year-old at-risk youth. This organization provides an opportunity for them to participate in activities geared towards improving their potential of leading successful lives. FHK improves children’s overall physical, emotional and behavioral health. This program helps them gain life skills, discipline, character, and practical education that are all necessary to successfully enter today’s work force. This organization provides opportunities for them to participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and educational activities geared to increase their interest in math, science and cultural history. Our vision for their future is for them to lead healthy, successful lives and to become citizens who are assets to their community, as they develop from boys to men, men to husbands and husbands to fathers.