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Check out this WWL news article about our guys.

The Mississippi River Offers Many Types of Jobs

The boys spent one day visiting Crescent Towing Company. Crescent Towing is a partner with Fathers House Kids. pipfitting class They learned about how the largest tugboat and line handling company on the Mississippi River run their operation. They learned that operations, personnel, maintenance, engineering and logistics for food and supplies provide daily support required for the vessels to operate safely and efficiently. The boys got to spend time in the control center, the heartbeat of the operation, that uses high technology to coordinate and track company vessels and vehicles as well as the 6000 ship that visit the port each year. The trip culminated in a ride on the latest $15M Z Drive tug boat and discussion with many employees sharing their stories and love of their jobs.

A Day Learning About Pipefitting

The Career Corps boys spent a Saturday working with a professional pipefitter learning a new skill. pipfitting class Our teacher, Mr. Joe from Houma, LA, drove up to New Orleans on a rather cold day with all of his equipment. We shot some photos of the day's activities--take a look. The boys were very interested in the whole process; like everyone else, they need to see how things work in the real world in order to find their way.

Confronting Fear

Each Sunday the boys enjoy a skit that deals with life. The boys both observe and participate life class in these entertaining yet educational skits. One recent skit was about “confronting fear.” Fear comes at us in many ways and we have to learn how to deal with fear. This is a vital lesson for boys and young men who daily face many fearful things.

Pouring Concrete

Our teaching facility is a work in progress and the boys are a big help. Recently we life class laid over 45 yards of concrete in our new facility and parking area and everybody participated. The day was great fun for all, but more importantly, we all learned a great deal about working quickly as a team to get the job done in a timely manner.

Learning House Construction

In 2015 a supporter started construction on three houses. The children visit the site at critical life class points in construction. Prior to the visits we teach on the specific system being worked on such as site survey, pile driving, foundation, framing, roofing, siding, plumbing, HVAC and electrical. They have been shown how to read blueprints and they have traced out the various systems that go into home construction.

Check out this WWL news article about our guys.


Most of our boys live in fatherless homes, whether their fathers are in prison, uninvolved or deceased. One day, the skit presentation was about the topic of stealing and its harsh consequences. While the skit was action-packed and attention-getting, the subject matter was serious and very relevant to our boys. After the skit was over, a teacher sat down with the boys to discuss it – to see what kind of impact it had on them. The boys, ages 6-11, could easily relate to the plight of those who choose to steal. The reality of not having your needs met and definitely not having things that you want was obvious to the boys – they all saw that as the primary reason that people steal. This is especially true in homes where having a father as provider is a completely foreign idea.

So during the activity, the teacher began to ask the boys questions about what life is like when they are here - in Father’s House.
“When you’re in Father’s House, do you have enough food to eat?”
The boys thought for a minute and responded calmly, “Yes.” “Do you have enough to drink?”
“Do you have nice, clean uniforms to wear?”
“Do you have clean shoes to wear to play basketball?”
“Do you have a safe place to play basketball?”
As the teacher asked these questions, the boys’ excitement increased. Each time they answered “yes” louder and more excitedly. “Do you have a pool to swim in?”
“Do you have a nice place to eat and play?”
“So in Father’s House, there is always more than enough, right?”
The faces of these little boys were so precious as they actually thought about all the provision that their Father in heaven has so generously given them. And why? Why has their Father taken so much time to help these broken little boys? Because He cares for them – He loves them. And they know it!