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Our programs are designed to guide, challenge, inspire, and encourage. Tutoring, teaching, and mentoring are mixed with lots of fun to help our guys build a solid foundation.

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Welcome to Father's House Kids

Young men between the ages of thirteen and eighteen are taught the value of hard work and are introduced to critical thinking and the importance of building on subjects taught in school. There is a special focus on the core subjects known as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Youth are taught critical thinking as instructors integrate specific skills with science, technology, math and chemistry. The approach is to teach them about a specific piece of equipment then discuss the academic skill that go into developing the equipment. For example, when teaching about four stroke engines we discuss combustion (gas laws, thermal energy) converting reciprocating motion into rotary motion, machinery lubrication, friction and heat transfer.

As a service organization, Father’s House Kids understands the importance of contributing to the local community. Therefore, Fathers House Kids has developed a relationship with New Orleans Master Crafts Guild, to provide them with young men who are prepared to enter their Apprenticeship Training Program. Because of its distinctive architectural and cultural character, New Orleans needs an abundance of master craftsmen and artisans in the building trades to revive and preserve our centuries-old buildings and historic landmarks. Only a small group of master iron workers, plasterers, and specialty carpenters are still alive. A new generation of skilled craftsmen and artisans must be raised up while there are masters still alive to train them.